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7 Side Hustles That Are Often Overlooked

Are you looking to make a few extra bucks on the side? Perhaps your expenses have been higher than usual lately, or the salary of your regular job decreased. Nevertheless, for some reason, you’d like to earn some more money, and you’re not sure how to do it. Many people are afraid of leaping into the unknown and start doing extra work for extra money. The majority of people feel as if they have nothing to offer regarding skill and expertise, while others dread having to spend more time in a closed box taking up a part-time job.

However, this doesn’t have to be the scenario you’re about to deal with. Despite the popularization of the internet jobs, freelancing and a general pay-for-the-service principle, many of us still imagine a job in a traditional sense – with an office, fixed working hours and unsatisfied bosses lurking around looking for a new way to bully us. This does not have to be the case in reality, especially nowadays when being your boss is easier than ever. There are many things you could do that don’t involve fixed hours and tedious tasks, and you just have to look around and inside yourself and see what it is that you can offer to develop your side hustle.

Cash in your Knowledge


This job never gets old. There will always be kids who are doing great at school and the ones who have difficulties with some subjects. If you were particularly good at a particular subject in elementary school or high school, you can tutor them and earn some extra cash. It’s very convenient as the lessons require very little time for preparations and you can work whenever you want to, the schedule is yours to make.

Give Lessons

This section is different from tutoring as you would be teaching a course. Choose something you’re good at. It could be anything from gardening, sports, languages, playing an instrument or entrepreneurship. You can have your little school and hold lectures in the evenings or on the weekends. This is a bit more challenging than tutoring as you’d need to think of the curriculum and prepare for the lessons since you’d be teaching them, not only clarifying things. However, the income is also more significant, so if it’s your cup of tea, give it a go!

Do Micro Jobs

Micro jobs don’t pay much, but you don’t need to work much either, so it’s fair. You can find them mostly online in forms of testing website usability, completing surveys or doing real-life micro jobs. The first one requires you to have a screen and a voice recorder, it is done from home, and it’s super convenient. Participating in paid surveys is also a great example of a micro job. All you need is a computer or a laptop, and sometimes even a mobile phone will suffice, which means it can also be done while waiting in line to get coffee.

Cash in your Talent


If you have a knack for writing and a solid grasp of English grammar, you can try getting a job for a content marketing company. You can choose to write about topics that interest you and even learn something new about many different subjects. These jobs are usually done from home, and there are no working hours, only deadlines, which makes it possible for you to combine it with your regular job.

Sell your Photos

Have you ever thought about all that Instagramming and if it may pay off one day? Well, it can happen. If you’re a photography enthusiast and you have a good quality camera, you can try to sell your photos online. After you’ve taken some fantastic pictures, all you have to do is put your photos up on a website and wait for people to buy them. That way, you’ll get surprised money every time this happens – it’s fantastic!

Become an Officiant

This is a straightforward thing to do. Look online to find websites that are authorized to give these permissions and check the requirements. Weddings usually happen on weekends, so you shouldn’t have a problem fitting them into your schedule.


Let your creativity run wild and start sewing. You can sew by orders or choose to sew small bags, wallets, aprons, anything you like. Do it in your own free time and sell your work online or take part in flea markets.

All these side hustles have incredibly flexible or free working hours and no boss to breathe down your neck. Earning some extra money has never been easier. Look things up online and think of all you could and would like to do. Choose the job that will satisfy you most and try to enjoy it as much as you can while making extra money. Finally, remember that this job comes with no strings attached, so the minute it becomes stressful or too hard, you can just quit and get a new one.

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